Nakba e apartheid

Gaza City, 15 Maggio 2012: 64 anni dalla Nakba.
Il giorno della ‘catastrofe’, quando buona parte degli abitanti arabi della Palestina venne letteralmente cacciata dai confini dello Stato d’Israele, all’indomani della fine del mandato britannico sulla Palestina: si stima che i discendenti dei 700.000 palestinesi cacciati dalle loro terre possano essere oggi circa 4.250.000.
Abbiamo incontrato Haidar Heid, portavoce del BDS e professore di Cultural Studies dell’università Al Aqsa, che ci ha fatto un interessante parallelismo fra Apartheid sudafricana ed Apartheid palestinese: due vicende molto distanti ma unite da un profondo problema razziale.
Le continue restrizioni alla libertà del popolo palestinese sono infatti in stretta similitudine con l’esperienza che attraversò tutto il secolo scorso nella colonia del Sudafrica: leggi restrittive, limiti alla mobilità, abusi e violenze rendono oggi il conflitto israelo-palestinese un fenomeno di Apartheid, segregazione, a tutti gli effetti.

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  1. Idglan scrive:

    Anti-zionists express much hate towrad Zionismwhy is it so many zionists can’t seem to stop ascribing hatred towrad their adversaries? it’s so cowardly. if you want to ascribe hatred focus on your own team, otherwise try using less inflammatory not accept the zionist narrative as legitimatefine. i already adjusted my description down thread. but if i had a dollar for every time i have heard (paraphrasing) we made a state and they attacked’ as if the early zionists had not vigorously started ethnically cleansing palestinians months prior to 5/14/48 my bank account would be bulging. you know it i know it everybody knows it.But the same problem exists in the arab world and among anti-zionists in the academy, sites like Mondo and elsewhere.that is a completely ridiculous assertion. let’s review my claim: Non Zionist narrative is off limits in our mainstream American media. the power of the US wrt israel is dependent on american views therefore our mainstream american media is essential wrt maintaining an american zionist culture. this blog is not mainstream american media’ so whining about how zionists are received here is irrelevant to my point. if you care to refute my point simply point to some msm american sources that give voice to a non zionist narrative. occasionally, rarely we here arab voices but very rarely if ever are non zionists jews or gentiles given a platform.there is no same’ wrt cnn and mondoweiss, it is a false equivalency and everyone knows it. as far as the arab world is considered what does that have to do w/the american zionist culture? what kind of legitimacy’ are you asking for or expecting from anti zionists? as an american i have a zionist narrative shoved down my throat from the msm 24/7 whether i like it or not.True peace will endure when both sides respect each other’s fears and hopes.the fear of the oppressor is worn thin. there’s simply no evidence whatsoever if everyone bent over backwards and worshipped zionist fears they would give up their expansion. . this has to do w/’god’s will’. this is who the zionists are in bed with and you’re here whining at me. you aren’t battling the zionist nutjobs, are you? and please do not ever pretend we have the same problem because the entire billion dollar media empire in this country is not empowering and supporting non or anti zionists, at all. our problem is vastly different because while we want inroads into the mainstream you want equal footing for legitimizing zionism on a blog. boo hoo.

    1. Jessy scrive:

      A one-state solution is slolwy emerging on its own and if daring and bold Palestinian leaders can get their factions united they could just go ahead and declare themselves a nation (along the ’67 borders of course) and just say we’re an occupied nation. As for a two-state solution, that option seems to evaporate as each day passes, but if it were to be done it won’t be with Bibi, Lieberman, and the other Likkudnik fascists they are pursuing an ethnic-cleansing operation unabated and have no interest in any deal. So Livni or some other leaders take over and decide upon a deal they’ll never give enough land back to make it worthwhile to the Palestinians. They should vacate ALL the settlements but that will never happen peaceably, or at all probably. So will these new big communities become integrated? I kinda don’t think so, but that is one way to create a lasting peace. But the citizens must drop their racism and hatred and apartheid thinking first and the likelihood of that is around zero percent. Divide-and-conquer is the oldest strategy in warfare and Gaza and West Bank have been strictly divided by the zionists quite intentionally. I imagine israel wants the beachfront property in Gaza for their corrupt developers with organized crime ties to the leadership regime to develop (it does seem that all the israeli leaders get caught in corruption scandals at some point). The only way a 2-state situation is viable and sustainable is if Gaza and West Bank are physically connected and not by just a roadway this means many tens to hundreds of square miles of land given to the Palestinian state on either side of this connecting strip of land which zionists will never give up.2-state is all but dead, and pretty soon, if the Palestinian factions can get their act together, they will unilaterally declare a state and seek recognition from other nations around the world (and, my, won’t the Lobby be furiously busy then?)