La crisi energetica a Gaza

Da anni la crisi energetica a Gaza è un grave problema.
L’unica centrale elettrica della striscia riesce a produrre solo fra il 30 ed il 50% del fabisogno di corrente e la mancanza di petrolio e benzina che si sta verificando ormai da mesi aggrava le già difficilissime condizioni di vita dei suoi abitanti.
In Egitto il petrolio spesso scrseggia, Israele vende il suo ad un prezzo triplo rispetto a quello egiziano.
Secondo quanto annunciato da fonti ufficiali, domani mattina, dopo lunghe trattaive diplomatiche iniziate il mese scorso, 153.000 litri di carburante donati dal Qatar, verranno lasciati entrare nella Striscia attraverso il border di Rafah.
La situazione migliorerà , ma per un periodo brevissimo. La striscia di Gaza deve quotidianamente affrontare difficoltà ed ingiustizie a causa dell’occupazione militare Israeliana



  1. Bhavesh scrive:

    it won’t talk to Hamas because it wants to loqdiuate all of israel (and some Hamas do share that view) but ALSO Israel concurently will not withdraw .meaning Israel is guaranteeing a peace deel can never occur on other hand from Hamas view Israel does a Gaza’ atrcoity proving to Hamas that Israel is just as much a barbarien on innocent civiliansds and proving self fulfiling to Hamas that Israel regards Palestinien civilianns as no humansSo we actualy hav th self fulfiling guarantees necessary to keep th hatred and th conflict violense going another 42 years don’t weCircut breaker seems to me acceptance of th ’cause’ of this , Israel must at moin say it will withdraw AND Israel must say what terms/issues re West bank, East Jurulesm , and New Palestinien State’s powers & rights she requires as a condition of withdrawal (apart from its rightful but reasonable future security’ needs)

  2. Manavi scrive:

    , state terrorism is vslaty more destructive than anti-state, individual or small group terrorism. Always has been, always will be. As so it follows, and simple maths and cameras do their thang to confirm my easily verifiable assertion: the terrorism of modern state power of a regime like Israel courtesy of its bottomless supply of US high technology weaponry, exceeds qualitatively by many orders of magnitude the political violence relied upon by (pre-modern, was it?) groups like Hamas. How is Israel being backed into a corner and responding with military might against terrorist provocation, state terrorism or, indeed, any kind of terrorism?You might not like the accepted definitions, but let’s not allow that to lead you to engage in flights of fantasy! Some free advice for all you cyber warriors. No thanks.

  3. Johaseloko scrive:

    Rob at 305: I’d add that the IDF has won this encounter. It’s lost only arnuod 10 dead, some from friendly fire, while hundreds of Hamas operatives have been killed. In the calculus of the Middle East, still largely a medieval warrior culture, that counts for a lot. Ever heard of soft power? I’m sure you have.It’s quite correct that Israels forces have clobbered it’s foe, in a physical sense. Psychologically though, resentment at Israel worldwide must surely now be at an all time high.It didn’t work for America in Iraq, and it won’t work for Israel in Gaza.