Mercoledi 2 maggio, Gaza.

Le incursioni dell’esercito isareliano nella cosidetta “buffer zone” (territorio palestinese al confine con quello israeliano che viene di fatto controllato da questi ultimi) mirano a impedire ai contadini palestinesi di coltivare le loro terre. In questo modo si aggravano le condizioni di indigenza di un popolo già  costretto a forti sacrifici per via dell’embargo.


Articolo riferito al nostro report audio del 2 maggio


  1. vita scrive:


    1. Chisayo scrive:

      Maybe they just figure that Yachimovich is not a real therat because she’s going to struggle to get more than 12 seats. In contrast, Derei could steal a large number of votes from Shas and Likud and has left-wing views of foreign policy (he was Shas’s representative in the talks with Peres that created the Dirty Trick).

      1. Amy scrive:

        The argument’ that you don’t preocsute the Israeli government for war crimes because it might prevent a peace deal is a fallacious one because:1. The possibilty of a peace deal that means anything is remote at best, while the US supports Israel. I doubt if this will change with Obama in power.2. If you extend this argument to other juristictions you’d be giving up on prosecuting half the criminal acts committed on the basis that prosecution may have negative consequences. Why should international criminal law be any different?BTW, did anyone see the ABC screening of a drama imagining Tony Blair’s prosecution for war crimes? Not the best production, but can you imagine any network in Australia screening a similar program about John Howard? No, they are all too piss weak over here.

      2. Jhonatan scrive:

        I think Israel has succeeded SBS news tells me Hamas is saiyng uncle’.Barak, the next Isreali PM, better hope that the use of massive (conventional) retaliation has secured his country’s southern flank. Inflicting several hundred % more casualties on the Gazan’s than the terrorists inflicted on the Jews isn’t something you can pull-off more than once, not if you want to keep the support of more people in the West than just the kill’em-all-let-Coulter-sort’em-out’ crowd.Tehran is already planning its own programme to support reconstructionHow much influence did the Persian’s gain in Lebanon after 2006?

      3. Namari scrive:

        This is an article that makes you think “never thohugt of that!”

    2. William scrive:

      I’m not easliy impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! :)

      1. Cennet scrive:

        Terangeree: I know. I was just teasing.Ron1: I think in an ideal world the Palestinians would dessit from resistance for a period that satisfies everyone that it’s not merely a ruse. Israel forcibly removed its people from Gaza and I think might have been encouraged to remove the settlements from the West Bank if Hamas had shown some good will and good grace. Maybe too late now, since Israel has perhaps discovered it cannot trust its neighbours under any circumstances no matter how many concessions it makes.Most non partisen (for either side) people desire 2 independent States living in peace , but may disagree with th precise details of ultimate final peace termsthemselves that achieve that That expresses my view, even if I’ve been accused here of being a spokesman of the IDF for asking for balance. But as to how ? I don’t have any answers beyond the obvious ones that get aired.

  2. Vera scrive:

    GregMCuriously absent in your UN stetament is any definition of terrorism, thus rather proving my point. Language can be horribly effective in promoting action, especially bad action. As Hitler wrote, All effective propaganda has to limit itself to only a few points and to use them like slogans . By failing to define terrorism, and using it as an empty slogan and contextless category, the UN is effectively promoting its growth and continuation throughout the world.Groups that engage in terror are thus encouraged to follow Clausewitz. Like Clausewitz, modern day terrorists (among the most powerful being the US military and the IDF) think it is the proper method to shorten war. But this shows a contempt for common sense because all of history shows that terrorism stimulates resistance and thus ends by lengthening war.Iraq, Palestine/Israel, Afghanistan come immediately to mind.

  3. Jorge scrive:

    May I suggest some reaesrch?Start here Ron and see how he does it. (Essentially he confuses data, especially serial numbers of military ordinance; with knowledge.)Gusface re:you call them palliesEarlier on it was Paleosimian . There’s been a temporary improvement.Anyway, I’m flying off to a wine and cheese foreign affairs party with Gareth meeting Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski in Washington. Gulfstream G550 with two metres of leg room. Gareth likes a good white wine so we’ve put in some crates of that.(Nudge nudge wink wink say no more, my lips are sealed.)